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Mettie Chandler has produced many highly anticipated mixes since 2008, when she entered the music market. With his sound that combines many different music genres, he put forward a style that pushes the limits musically. Having collaborated with the leading names of the music community, Mettie Chandler aims to take himself to a higher level as a DJ and breaks new ground in modern music by bringing new approaches to traditional styles.



Ceo & Founder : Deepmode CO.
UĞUR LAYIK aka **Mettie Chandler** was born 1988 in Enschede / NETHERLANDS.
He graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management Department in 2008.
His curiosity towards music and DJing began in 1995-96 by listening to Tiesto and Deadmau5.
He took his first step with Eskişehir 222 Park Resident dJ Utku KARAHAN.
For a while , he continued in Eskişehir and started playing in various night clubs.
He decided to settle in Istanbul between 2018-2019 and started to meet various musicians and advance in his career.
Citizen İstanbul, Seventhfloor, Birdypera, Nest Karaköy, Glow Taksim are some of the night clubs he played in.
The artist changed his name from LuckyLike to **Mettie Chandler**.
The first EP, Find Yourself debuted with DTL Records (2019-09-14)
Then he continued working with 48 records, KPrecordings, Karia Records, Findike Records and MyPrimus Records.
He is also the founder of **Deepmode Records** and **Deepmode Digital** Companies.





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